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Mario Roy


I am a master student in Agricultural Economics in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences from Macdonald Campus of McGill University. Recently elected as your new AGSEM President, I started to get involved with AGSEM a year and a half ago when I became the AGSEM Macdonald Campus officer. During this term, I had the opportunity to help and represent Macdonald campus TAs and Invigilators. Today as President of your union, my role as President is now to fight for all of you, TAs and Invigilators from both campuses. My goal is to have a strong union functioning well to be able to defend all your rights and make sure that your employers respect your collective agreements. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas, questions or concerns, I will be more than happy to help you!

Antonia Macris

Responsable de la mobilisation

I am a communications and education specialist, trained at the graduate level in Public Relations and Communications Management, and Educational Technology. I have experience working in higher education in the development of student engagement events programming that offers experiential learning and professional skills development opportunities. I have been a member of AGSEM since 2018 and have been a part of the Mobilization Committee with the goal of increasing membership engagement to further our mission. As Mobilization Officer, I wish to continue this work to strengthen partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, volunteer management, outreach coordination, and graduate student communications with on-campus partners and student groups through educational information campaigns and more.

Matei Petrescu


I am third year Ph.D. candidate in Physics Department of the Faculty of Science at McGill University. I have been an AGSEM delegate for my department for the past 4 yearswhile I have simultaneously fulfilled the VP Finance position for the McGill Graduate Association of Physics Students (MGAPS). I have gained valuable experience working in both positions. As a result, I have been elected as Secretary-Treasurer at the last General Assemble (GA - April 2018) for the 2018-2019 mandate. My main role is to manage the financial activities of the Union. In conclusion, I am holding the purse stings and I hold them tightly!

Jessica Rose

Responsable des griefs des auxiliaires d'enseignement

Teresa Joseph

Responsable des griefs des surveillant.e.s d'examens

I am a PhD. student in neuroscience. Have been involved with AGSEM for a year now as a invigilator bargaining officer. Working in the union has broadened my perspective about working on campus and I am more than happy to help you with any invigilator grievances. You can either contact me via email or just come drop by during our office hours.

Karan Kumar

Responsable du Campus Macdonald

I am a graduate student in Agricultural Economics at McGill and have been a Delegate Council (DC) Member for the Natural Resource Science Department. As Macdonald Campus Officer,  my role is mobilize the union and address any queries concerning TA-ships or TA rights at Macdonald Campus. I look forward to contributing to the union in my new role. Please feel free to reach out to me at macdonald.officer@agsem-aeedem.ca

I am a PhD candidate in History. I began working with AGSEM as soon as I arrived at McGill, and I began taking on grievance work while serving as TA Bargaining Chair, as we were wrapping up our last round of negotiations. I was elected to this position in Fall 2020 and am proud to serve as TA grievance officer for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year. I know so many of our members are, like me, international students, who may have no prior experience with collective bargaining and workplace organization. I also know that grad school can be stressful, isolating, and can consume all of our time and energy. My aim is to meet each member where they are, to make sure the union is always approachable, informative, and effective, and that it is always driven by our members' needs. This means fighting when necessary, but also being diplomatic when members are concerned about their academic relationships. I believe this is the key to good organizing. Whether the tone is aggressive or delicate, mobilization starts with the first time you tell your employer "no."

Radhika Chhibber

Invigilator Bargaining Chair

I am a master's student in the faculty of Dentistry. Prior to coming to McGill, I studied Bachelor's of Dental Surgery in India. I have experience in coordinating and managing an interprofessional global health course and held a position as the VP of Finance position for McGill Dentistry Graduate student society. 

I am always looking for new ways to improve the experiences of the people I represent, whether it be through increased inclusivity measures, increased support, or entirely new projects brought about by your comments and insight. I intend to bring these same skills and passions to the Invigilator Bargaining chair position; I know that the pandemic has provided us all with a unique challenge in moving forward with our degrees, and the current system has lots of room for improvement. During my term, I want to ensure that all the invigilators at McGill are properly represented and looking out for their best interest. I look forward to hearing from everyone, across all the programs, to make sure that your executive understands what you need and how we can promote success in remote education.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

Marta Beszterda

External Communications Officer


Heures d'ouverture :

Président : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Responsable de la mobilisation : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Secrétaire-Trésorier : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Responsable des griefs des auxiliaires d'enseignement : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Responsable des griefs des surveillant.e.s d'examens : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Responsable du Campus Macdonald : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Présidente de négociation pour les auxiliaires d'enseignement : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Président de négociation pour les surveillant.e.s d'examen : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Président de la campagne de recrutement : uniquement sur rendez-vous

Toutes les heures de bureau seront maintenues en ligne jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

Tous les membres d'AGSEM ont le droit d'assister aux réunions du comité exécutif. Pour plus d'informations, envoyez un courriel à la présidente.

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