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Ressources pour membres

Nous vous encourageons à communiquer avec nous si vous avez un problème lié à votre poste d'auxiliaire d'enseignement ou de surveillant.e d'examen, mais nous sommes conscient.e.s que vos besoins peuvent dépasser le cadre des activités de l'AÉÉDEM. Vous trouverez ci-dessous un certain nombre de liens vers des informations utiles ainsi que des ressources sur le campus.

Renseignements en cas d'urgence

Il est possible qu'au cours de votre travail d'auxiliaire d'enseignement ou de surveillant.e d'examen, vous rencontriez un.e élève en détresse ou dans une situation d'urgence. Malgré les demandes répétées de l'AÉÉDEM, McGill n'offre pas de formation adéquate aux membres de l'AÉÉDEM, surtout étant donné la fréquence de ces événements sur le campus. Nous vous recommandons de prendre connaissance des ressources d'urgence sur le campus au cas où de telles mesures s'avéreraient malheureusement nécessaires.

Traduction en cours

  • Call 911/Campus Security
    If you or someone you know is in immediate danger (about to hurt yourself/themselves or someone else), please call 911. If you are at the Downtown Campus, you can call Campus Security at 514-398-3000. If you are at the Macdonald Campus, you can call 514-398-7777.

  • Safety Appointments at Psychiatric Services
    These appointments are available daily Monday to Friday from 11am to 1pm at Brown suite 5500. These appointments are available for students who has/is:

    • a harm to themselves or others

    • recently attempted suicide

    • has been hospitalized for psychiatric reasons within the past month

    • had a recent overdose

    • the survivor of recent assault

    • disconnected from reality, hearing or seeing things no one else can

  • Priority Appointments through Counselling Services
    These appointments are for students in acute distress and experiencing significant life events which are not considered one of the above “Safety” situations. To ensure appropriate use of these appointments, they are reserved for referrals from Dean of Students Office, Faculty Deans/Associate Deans and Directors of Student Service units.

    If any advisor, front line representative or other team member encounters a student in extreme distress, they should discuss the matter with the leadership in your unit (i.e. you or Associate Director).

    If you decide to invoke the request for Priority Appointment, be sure to have the student’s permission to have someone from Counselling reach out to them. Then email “CaMH Partner Priority” found in McGill’s Global Address List and include the Student ID, Name, reason for referral and student’s phone number for direct contact.  This email should come from your unit’s leadership, or c.c. your leadership, so we have assurance that the case has been fully vetted. Counselling Services will acknowledge by email within 24 hours, take action as appropriate, and signal back to the email sender within 72 hours that “appropriate actions have been taken” to close the loop.


In response to current events Counseling and Psychiatric Services are taking measures to increase student access. Additionally, we would like to remind you that the resources below are also available at McGill:


After Hours and Weekend Support

For students needing help outside of university operating hours:


  • 911

  • Hospital Emergency Rooms: The Montreal General Hospital is the closest ER to campus (1650 Cedar Avenue, H3G 1A4, 514-934-8090).

  • Suicide Action Montreal: Suicide Action Montreal offers support services, crisis workers and monitoring for people who are at risk of committing suicide, for their friends and family and for people affected by suicide. You can access our services by dialing. All communication is available 24/7 and free of charge. 1 866 APPELLE (1 866 277-3553) Montreal area 514 723-4000

  • McGill Students’ Nightline 514-398-6246

  • Empower Me: Part of the SSMU, PGSS and MCSS supplemental health plans.Call 1 (844) 741-6389 (toll-free) from anywhere in North America to be directly connected to the Empower Me Clinical Response Center. Call PsyMontreal 514 337-2473, ext. 0. For more information:

Other Resources



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